Outdoor Wood Boiler Burning Free Pallets- The Furnace Works SFB-3

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The SFB-3 came out in the 1970s during the back-to-the-land era. It is rated for about 100000 BTU. I have it connected in a loop with one radiator in my stairway that is 6 feet long, 18 inches high, and 8 inches deep. The whole system holds about 30 gallons of water at the moment. It needs more radiators in the house but that will be a next year project.


freetickeys says:

Hmmm. Live and learn, huh? Cool stuff.

NOBOX7 says:

love the foil idea , hey bro you saved time doing that, time aint cheep……..

thattomguy13 says:

I used to build these stoves in Babbitt MN! Our shop teacher Ed Melgeorge started the company and quit teaching.

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