How to test a pressure switch on a Gas Furnace

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An instructional video on how to accurately test pressure switches on Gas Furnaces using a revolutionary tool called the Draft Simulator. Get yours at http:/…


intwodeep4x4er says:

what type of Manometer are you using in the video above

Miriam Pinilla says:

very useful tool, how much does it cost, will the cost justify the purchase if I only will use the instrument 1-3 times?

Miriam Pinilla says:

It has a a .20 rating, how do you know, and you say it is rated, in what?


get one at draftrite . com

floydturbo2 says:

I NEED THIS!!! I am a HVAC Tech.. Where can I buy it!!!


Actually, it runs off of 4 AA batteries!

MagicMarker447 says:

This thing is extremely useful.

ab9957 says:

i can think of a few redneck methods to simulate a draft….haha….this instrument runs off of a 9v battery?

Gary Reecher says:

Question about the furnace installation. Isn’t against code to have the appliance pass through the cabinet wall?

hdyudu says:

cool new tester i love working on that kind of stuff

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