God of War Ascension Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20 – The Furnace

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NEW God of War Ascension Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20 includes Chapter 20 of the Story for Playstation 3. This God of War Ascension Gameplay Walkthrough will…


deanda419 says:

R1 is RB wright? haven’t had a ps3 for a long time

ahinkson says:

It might be boring now but the long run guys can look back its worth it

KnightsToFear says:

Right, though because friends of yours made you listen to them don’t give you rights to say they suck for another persons behalf.
However I do understand your standpoint since I feel the same way about Skillex related Dubstep.

AmaLovesWow says:

I doubt someone his age knows what Vocaloids are though lol He isn’t “old” but you know. I only know who you mean because one of my friends a few years back in High School made me listen to them.

KnightsToFear says:

We all have different opinions regarding music. However your opinion is none of my concerns nor cares, I was talking to Brad.

Ares Rivers says:


Michael Drone says:

Im so tempted to watch ur bioshock inf but i have to experience it first

AmaLovesWow says:

He listens to everything that doesn’t suck. There is a difference.

yolo Vang says:

i dont care if pc or ps3 cause i not picky

yolo Vang says:

youve been playing for a month know

Jin Gunen says:

instead of uploading videos why just not go in live stream?? :D

Pirro Prifti says:

thank you someone accualy agrees with me

KnightsToFear says:

Rad listens to everything? I wonder how he feels about Vocaloid…

theforceunleashed7 says:

Lol I listen to dubstep brad

KiDCuDisDope says:

Kid cudi dope as fuck

usernameinvalid8 says:

does anyone live in escondido? and know how to program video games? i want to make a video game for brad

HazamaGaming says:

I mostly listen to dubstep, and emo alternative sometimes. :)

Carlos Canales says:

the final boss battle in this game is really great

juamp42012 says:

you use it in all your videos LOOL …..

PD: I like your channel :P

cybrSLAYR says:

Are you going to play Thief?

DjDannyD88 says:

Linkin Park is my favorite.

thevgreat1 says:

i like kendrick lamar him and wale are modern day poets

bl0ockheadslimey says:

I agree with brad. Personally I don’t even class dubstep as music. I call it LOUD NOISE lol

NiNeFoXtAiLsDeMoN says:

(sees a mace after attach to a platform) *long and surprised gasp* *enemy appears* oh its time! *uses the skill of soul of hades* Fuck you, pop yo’ hands! (i loled very hard at the gasp and fuck you pop yo’ hands! phrase) and sorry for wasting your time reading this useless piece of comment.

MrFraklec says:

Drum n bass

amir hujnaj says:

plz go God of War 3 Bred!!! 

Butt Hurt says:

Lol @ 9:44 “I think my favorite rapper is ‘aw shit wrong button!'”

standoutishman says:

7:33 I agree, no country! Just Rock and Rap!

alexstaicu35 says:

squere squere triangle!!!!

godflame52 says:

He said he was planning on starting it this month on Facebook I’m pretty sure any ways.

nicktharippa says:

@bananaempijaa it’s kendrick lamar “Money Trees” ya bish

Homero Vargas says:

cudder fan. hell yes

eerikk10 says:

No dubstep :(

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