Anatomy of Spark Ignition: The S86

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Trouble shooting the Honeywell “S86″ (slang) Module. Honeywell has made many advancements in the number of mudules it can replace. This application was prett…


Bob Clarke says:

Yup, it’s a video but it doesn’t help me diagnose my Honeywell troubles…

MagicPatrick1 says:

@ 2:51 was the spade adapter

MagicPatrick1 says:


Yes, and we did. Infact I could actually hear the valve. (1:09 – 1:11)

fritzhvac says:

Thats cool, thinks for the heads up, does the spade you put on new module, hook directly to the old spark igniter tube (just pop it in ) and slip on spade onto your module ? Where you testing for spark at module by holding back and looking for arc and then check at module for 24 volts pv ?

Very Good, very good…. FRITZ

MagicPatrick1 says:

Funny you mentioned that.

The roll out was probably more due to the 4″ chimney liner. O.O

I did in a quick search.

Retail is about $140-160 FOR THE NEW ONE

A S8610U-3009 has an older version (w/jumper plug) that’s been/being discontinued since the newer one retrofits more easily.

Before it was harder to switch from a Fenwal or a Johnson Controls to Honeywell.

Now it’s easy peasy.

fritzhvac says:

Great job Pat, looks like their in need of a service agreement semi annual check and clean
( summer and winter ). looks like roll out almost got your meter !!! Made a rookie mistake 2 weeks ago, had my face down there and I looked like MIMI on the Drew Carey show for awile lost all eyebrows and half my mustache…

Can you make a shop video, like you did with blower motors and thermocouples???
Great job!!!!!!!! FRITZ
How much for new honeywell kit ?

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