RUST – How to use Furnace / Smelt ore. (Rust tutorial, how to play rust)

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Rust gameplay. How to play rust and use the furnace and smelt ore to get metal fragments. ▻View my steam guide by clicking the banner below


ORYG1N says:

RUST Tutorial – How to furnaces and get metal fragments. Make sure to rate
my RUST guide on steam here:

Theseriousbeatle says:

Hey oryg1n it’s been like 3 days :P and the last 7 vids were freken rust
videos, most of us came for bf4, or war thunder, any special bf4 top 5 vids
coming out soon? idk, just gratz on 10k subs

jack hagan says:

Do a video on weapon attachments

Theseriousbeatle says:

hey oryg1n, what is your average frame rate while recording bf4 ultra
1080p? also how much did the gfx card cost? pcpartpicker doesn’t update and
it’s out of stock everywhere, has 900 backordered :P its never
going to be on sale again lol so i got a gtx 770, i’d get around 60 fps
recording 1080p the gfx card is about 320 bucks, nvidia has shadowplay a
feature for recording at 60 fps on ultra and you can capture gameplay you
never actually recorded. This means that you can click a button that you
assign to it and it records the previous 1-20 minutes of gameplay you just
played. I’m just wondering this because i’m new to building computers, my
parts were defective, mobo short circuited for some reason most likely
defective, the power supply is same as yours,but i just wanna see how well
i did for my budget under 1k dollar build with the monitor and stuff

TheMXPRGamer says:

Thx for the help :)

World Of Matt says:

I know I’m a bit late but congrats on getting over 10,000 subs :) I’ve got
a long way to go. lol. Keep up the great vids. 

Linerunner99 says:

Jesus Christ, I know it’s a survival game but how fucking hard would it be
to let you spawn with some drawers on?

H Luu says:

Ive seen people use low grade fuel instead of wood in their furnaces. Does
it smelt things faster? Servers are whacked right now so I cant test it.

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