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Steel producer ThyssenKrupp is having Europe’s biggest blast furnace modernized. That’s essential every twenty years. Engineer Rainer Klock and his special t…

READ HERE FIRST. Massive apoligies. Copyright was claimed on the song. Mute this shit and put your own music on if u can :) Few things i forgot: W58 for the …

taterz2007 thanks, but if i use my method i promise u 23 can work, but anyway i got 99 smith yesterday so im happy :)

Brendan Talley there is a profit again!!!!!! yay!!!! 6k profit per 23 bar that you make into mith bolts

jontyshankys How much in total does it cost to get 99 smith from when you start to do blast furnace ??

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ILLIDAN STORMRAGE I think this is the Blast Furnace,not Operator Thogar. 

Nergieful 756k hp, first patch. Thats good you will have like 4-5 millions at the end of expension :)

samthiret Not trying to be a meany or anything, but what's the point of a face cam when Treckie has such constant poker face?

The Blast Furnace! This encounter consists of 3 phases that will challenge you to bomb Heat Regulators without killing your friends, destroy immune Elementalists that are channeling on an immune…

SkeetAvatar Kind of reminds me of M'uru, looks pretty darn fun.

AdeemMoo Can not wait for W.O.D or 6.0 for that matter!

datpojk FBW?

Steel producer ThyssenKrupp is having Europe’s biggest blast furnace modernized. That’s essential every twenty years. Engineer Rainer Klock and his special team of just under 1000 specialists are responsible for the project. Read more: http://www.dw.de/program/made-in-germany/s-3066-9798

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Minecraft survival mod. In this Minecraft episode we try to craft the most expensive and time consuming item in TerraFirmaCraft… the Blast Furnace. TerraFi…

Max Ruesges Hey Etho, why did you stop playing crackpack? I am a really huge fan of all of your minecraft series, .but I like vanilla the most I haven't been subsribed for long, but I have watched most of your videos by now. Again, I'm a huge fan, so I really want to know what happend to the crackpack.

Weefle Kigglegunt Guude should totally invite etho to the mindcrack server.

jfea fbd what does xp do in this mod?

Minecraft TerraFirmaCraft (with shaders) – #28 In this Episode I make the Blast Furnace and use it to make some Pig Iron and then turn that into Steel. I als…

tehShampoo The new house looks really good

xSaKage ᛁᚴᛋ ᛋᛅᚴᛅᚴᚬ You could make a smithing area close to new house. may u build it in a fancy way like in a hole. dont forget about making a lots of rum

Jeffrey Bonome Thanks for keeping up with TFC, i enjoy it a lot. When you do get some puppies, some name could be Chester, Diesel, P.J. , Also with the lag, maybe cutting some pigs and sheep to the amount you need, Also you have explored a Lot and there are still some animals out there that could be slowing or taking up Memory. Some of your other mods could be doing it to like the mini map saving way-points! Please keep it up, Beat TerraFirmaCraft! 

Video de la rencontre des One Leap To Heaven avec Blast Furnace sur la beta de Warlords of Draenor.

Terrafirmacraft is a mod for Minecraft. More info @ http://www.terrafirmacraft.com.

nismo96 cool vid man. BTW the pro pick never gives false positive that means you have more ore deeper 

James Wood i grew some barley, wheat, and oats...i think i grew them maybe found some but anyways the game wont let me put them in the grinder to make flower, i found maze when i first started my world and had no problem making that into flower u have any idea y this would happen? Nice Vids btw :D